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111 Recipes

Dev notes for WordPress 5.8, 5.9, 6.0, 6.1

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How to merge two Git repositories

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Copied from an anwser on Stack Overflow

To merge project-1 into project-2:

$ cd path/to/project-2
$ git remote add project-1 /path/to/project-1
$ git fetch project-1 --tags
$ git merge --allow-unrelated-histories project-1/master
$ git remote remove project-1

How to target only HTML elements that have no CSS classes

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HTML elements without a class attribute or with an empty class attribute can be selected in CSS by using the negation pseudo-class and the attribute selector.

For example, to select paragraphs without classes:

p[class=""] {
  color: red;

The first selector in the group above selects all paragraphs without a class attribute. The second selects all paragraphs with an empty class attribute. Paragraphs with one or more classes are not affected and can be styled independently.


WordPress Plugins

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A list of WordPress plugins that I use often. The list is a work in progress.

Slugs for the ones available at the WordPress official repo:

admin-post-navigation classic-editor disable-comments disable-embeds disable-emojis omni-contact-form query-monitor relevanssi term-management-tools two-factor user-switching

How to delete (empty) the content of a file in Linux

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$ truncate -s 0 filename

What this command does: Truncates filename to a size of zero.